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REDHAT Certification

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a leading certification for Linux network administrators who configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat Operating System. Slash Plus offers training on the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux . RHCE is an advanced level Red Hat certification. RHCSA is a subset of RHCE and you will also earn both RHCE and RHCSA certifications. Slash plus Nepal, provides all the facilities required for the Red Hat Linux Training courses and the RHCE certification in Nepal which will be conducted by certified and experienced Professionals , slash plus is well known Linux Learning Center here in Nepal. Slash plus is Computer training institute in Nepal for Java, .NET, PHP, Android, Web design and development, Oracle CCNA and various IT online courses. Slash plus Nepal provide IT training in Nepal for Corporate sectors also on thier desired modules to create IT Workforce as they desire.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Who can get certified RHCHA ?

All Students after attending Red Hat System Administration I and II (RH124 & RH134 ) can get certified RHCHA RHCSA certification is granted when an IT professional demonstrates the core system administration by installation and configuration of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and attaching it to a live network running network services .After RHCSA professionals able to perform the core system administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

Skills after RHCSA

Understand and use essential tools for handling files, directories, command-line environments, and documentation Operate running systems, including booting into different run levels, identifying processes, starting and stopping virtual machines, and controlling services Configure local storage using partitions and logical volumes Create and configure file systems and file system attributes, such as permissions, encryption, access control lists, and network file systems Deploy, configure, and maintain systems, including software installation, update, and core services Manage users and groups, including use of a centralized directory for authentication Manage security, including basic firewall and SELinux configuration.

Examination Module For RHCSA (EX200)

From Slash plus Certification exam diagnostics and troubleshooting lab followed by System install configuration, and attachment to network.Duration of RHCSA certification exam is 2.5 Hours RHCSA certification is based on RH124 & RH134 course modules.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

RHCE certification is granted to Red Hat® Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) who has demonstrated the knowledge, skill, and ability required of a senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux® systems. To get certified RHCE Red Hat® Certified System Administrators (RHCSA) have to complete “Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration III (RH254)” and pass Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX300 exam.


Exam module for Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX300

A Server install and network services configuration lab followed by A troubleshooting and maintenance lab. Duration of exam is 2.0 Hours Exam is based on RH124, RH134 & RH254 course modules. An RHCE is capable of RHCSA tasks plus the following: Configuring static routes, packet filtering, and network address translation Setting kernel runtime parameters Configuring an Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) initiator Producing and delivering reports on system utilization Using shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks Configuring system logging, including remote logging Configuring a system to provide networking services, including HTTP/HTTPS, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), network file system (NFS), server message block (SMB), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), secure shell (SSH) and Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) Certification is your first step towards learning cloud infrastructure. As the companies are looking for cutting down the cost in terms of money and maximizing ROI (return of investment) on the purchased hardware. The need for virtualization administrator’s is growing manifold. Data centers across the world are moving from physical to virtual setups. Those having the right skills of deploying and managing enterprise virtualization solutions will be in great demand, in future. Anyone having a basic working knowledge of windows and Linux can attend the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Adminsitrator certification training. But we suggest professionals to develop Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) level of skills before attending the RHCVA training. Linux system administrators who are responsible for or seeking responsibility for implementing and managing virtualization infrastructures get hight benefits from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration (RH318)

Exam modules for Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) EX318

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) exam Performance-based exam that tests knowledge to create, deploy, and manage virtual machines. Skills after An RHCVA Installing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager Creating datacenters, clusters, pools, and templates in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager Installing and configuring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisors to support Linux® and Windows users and manage them using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager Performing essential management tasks such as logging and bookmarking


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