IT Training Overview

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IT Training Overview

We offer our student as following ways in their professional IT training:


Project Work





Mode of Class sessions

Each and every course at Slash Plus consists of two phase:

1. Theoretical
2. Practical

Theoretical classes given by our Global Certified Trainer and highly experience IT expert Trainer focus on knowledge and skillset building for the students in order to make them technically strong and well equipped with fundamentals of the course. After the theory classes, practical class take place then and there, where the students are expected to implement and conceptually understand the technologies learnt during theoretical lectures.

Classrooms Are Fully Equipped

Our classrooms are equipped with internet facility, Wi-Fi, projectors, Desktop, Laptop etc. but also fully loaded racks with live devices are available for better understanding of course’s conceptual basics. Our trainers make sure that students whilst understanding the practical working of these devices also understand the hardware configuration of the same.

Live Devices/Racks plays a major role in learning, while many institutes ignore the power of practical exposure during theory training and provides devices in labs only. When Ultra-Modern Training Methodology is mentioned, it doesn’t mean we should have colorful labs and infrastructure to show off, it means we should have classrooms and labs fully equipped with new age technologies and devices to back theoretical sessions provided by experts. A Classroom should be equipped with features like Wi-Fi, Projectors, and moreover with fully loaded Cisco devices which most of the institutes ignores.

Fully Accessible Labs

Labs at Slash Plus are open 12x6 i.e. you can come and access the labs anytime during day. There are many training companies in Nepal offering 12x6 lab facilities, but we need to verify the fact that do they have enough networking devices in their labs? Most of the training institutes offer 12x6 Lab facility, but most of the time their lab is not free. Of what use are those labs which are open 12x6 but not free 12x6? 12x6 Lab facility is not limited to opening labs 12x6, it clearly means that you should have enough devices in labs so that all students gets separate devices to practice for long hours, and they should get dedicated devices throughout the training duration.

Labs at Slash Plus are fully loaded with modern live practical devices: PCs, Servers, Routers, Switches, and Access Servers etc. making your practical sessions more comfortable and concise. Each and every student enrolled in any of the course at Slash Plus gets a separate dedicated devices for self-implementation and understanding. Apart from the anytime lab access, you even get to avail 12x6 lab instructor help providing complete assistance round the clock.

Globally Certified Trainers

World class quality trainings at Slash are imparted by Globally Certified trainers who have years of industrial experience and knowledge on varied technologies of the market. Each courses from IT Companies have their respective certified trainers for apt knowledge and learning experience. Technical Team of Slash Plus is considered as one of the best team in networking, system, Web, Application development, Database, Virtualization, training industry. Here are list of Globally Certificated Trainer:-

Nabeen Kumar Aryal (System & Network Certified)
Shree Poudyal (Linux Certified)
Baburam Chapain (System and Virtualization Certified)
Mukti Thapa (System and Network Certified)
Resham Dalami (CISCO certified)
Kshitiz Karkee (Microsoft Specialised in Web Programming)


Training Highlights:

  • Get instant access to in-house built lab practical workbooks which help you in your lab practicals. We have our own workbooks developed by our Global Certified experienced trainers under guidance of blueprint available from IT Companies.
  • Students are allowed to repeat the batch any number of times they want to whilst giving them the freedom to join multiple batches simultaneously.
  • Even if you wish to take a break and join the other batch of the same course, Slash Plus allows its students with flexible timeslot where you can
  • come back to us again whenever you want to.
  • Theoretical lectures of each day are recorded on text book with related training videos, stored and given to our students per requirement.
  • Another amazing facility provided to our students is access to the FTP server which consists all the recorded video lectures, eBooks, interview questions, sample practice papers, practical workbooks, etc. promoting better understanding and learning of the course.
  • Access to Slash Plus library where students not only get course relative books but also variety of other books for self-study.
  • Doubt sessions are available for candidates who wish to clarify their doubts after the class or end of the batch. Trainers are readily available for solving varied queries of students.
  • Senior trainers at Slash Plus regularly screen students on their technical and grooming abilities, analyzing their weak points, and validating their command on the relative track so that each one of them knows where they actually stand in terms of subject knowledge and skillset.
  • Variety of self-grooming classes other than technical ones like personal development, spoken English, cv writing, speech correction, live industrial exposure by industry’s topnotch experts, interview sessions, group discussions, and many more classes shaping up the overall personality of our students


Multiple Batches to Start From

For convenience of our students we have two separate types of batches to choose from:

Weekly Batches
Weekend Batches

Weekly batches are available for anybody who has time to give 6 days (Sunday to Friday) in a week to training of his/her preferred course. Be it a student, a professional, graduate, post graduate, or anybody for that matter, everybody can opt for our weekly classes.

Weekend batches on the other hand are usually preferred by students who wish to take placement from us for completing their course respective training and join us again by taking up weekend batches for lab practice or up-gradation. However, anyone can join our weekend batch as per his/her own preference and requirement of them.



Students who are currently earning their degrees (BSc.IT, BCA, BE computers) in colleges and university require to complete a project. Commonly, student do not have the level of proficiency to build their own project through the little knowledge they learn in their classroom, unless they are exceptionally good to do project on their own. In this case, Slash Plus IT Training Center services to guide the individual or group of students in any IT course. Every semester new students come to fulfill their academic projects in Java, .Net, Php, Python, CCNA, CCNP, RHCSE who are more than satisfied by our service.



With this Internship program we aim at producing qualified professional adept at working in a specific technology and platform while being sufficiently flexible to work as well as their skills. The intern after successful completion of the program will have acquired all the necessary traits to work as professional like company culture, project assessment, team playing, continuous learning habit and other such skills required in practical field.

Moreover, our students are involved in multiple projects which are created by the professionals from that area. As the student finishes and moves to the next level, the level of difficulty and the level of professionalism become more vigorous compared to the previous level. We guarantee that after finishing a particular course your performance will increase and you will find yourself a lot ahead than expected.



Job placement refers to those activities that may lead to employment of individuals that is consistent with their unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice. Placement services are provided to eligible consumers in assisting them to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment. The placement of individuals must occur in the most integrated setting possible before they can be considered rehabilitated. We have delivered excellent results in terms of placements with this high tech program. We offer job placement guarantee to students opting for this course. Anyone who wants to make a career in IT field after completing of course.
Job replacement after Professional IT Training