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We Ideate and Escort

Endeavor through simple yet smarter system

Creative Campaigns

Delivering highly successful campaigns among our business customers.

Research Facilitation

Developing strategies and tactics with the help of our highly skilled team.

Tech-based Solution

Digitization based best solution for your product/service portfolio.

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Slash Subsidiaries
Buzz Media
GPS Sewa
Digi Buzz
Greem Innovations
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Innovative Projects
Web / Mobile App
Digital Signage
App Development
Manahagar Plus
Web / Mobile App
Online Ticket Booking
Web / Mobile App
Parking Management
We offers perfect hiring models for your project requirements
Our highly qualified and skilled team are here to help.

Team ? No...
"More Like Family"

The best people driving our vision forward, who can create focused strategies that perfectly align with business goals, and create groundbreaking campaigns.

Meet the Team
Purna Kalyan Shakya
Purna Kalyan Shakya Flutter Developer
Rojen Chitrakar
Rojen Chitrakar IT Assistance
Ritiz Karkee
Ritiz Karkee Software Developer
Bijay Subba
Bijay Subba Head - Creative Design
Kshitiz Karkee
Kshitiz Karkee CEO
Roshish Shrestha
Roshish Shrestha Flutter Developer
Rustam Budhathoki
Rustam Budhathoki Technical Head
Amit Ghimire
Amit Ghimire Area Manager
Manisha Khadka
Manisha Khadka Head - Finance & Operation
Bishal Dali
Bishal Dali Backend Developer
Dipendra Adhikari
Dipendra Adhikari Technical Assistance
Madhav Kumar K.C.
Madhav Kumar K.C. Accountant
Bam Bdr.Magar(Milan)
Bam Bdr.Magar(Milan) Technical Assistance
Narmaya Shrestha
Narmaya Shrestha Office Assistance

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